Our approach to sustainability arises from our values, which are defined in the Lonmin Charter. Our values are based on Zero Harm to people and the environment, and we strive towards high performance across the business. The importance of sustainability matters is recognised in Lonmin’s strategy. The Lonmin strategy has evolved since 2016, taking into consideration the adverse PGM pricing environment that continued and the cost pressures that remained. The strategy aims to preserve value for shareholders, and safeguard the long-term interests of employees and key stakeholders. The strategy remains focused on improving stakeholder relationships, improving efficiencies and our people. We emphasise our role as a responsible corporate citizen, respecting human rights and the critical importance of a working and trusting relationship with employees, communities and regulators. Our commitment remains to Zero Harm.

Our values form the basis for the Lonmin Safety and Sustainable Development Policy, which details the Group’s commitment to creating sustainable value for our stakeholders through ethical, and environmentally and socially responsible practices. Lonmin complies with the ICMM Sustainable Development Framework, principles, applicable position statements and reporting requirements. The 15 Lonmin Sustainable Development Standards1 align with the ICMM principles and position statements, and provide guidance for the practical implementation of the Lonmin Safety and Sustainable Development Policy. These standards are the cornerstones of the safety and environmental management systems in place at all business units.

Our approach to sustainability considers the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) principles, relevant legislation, the Mine Health and Safety Council milestones, as well as the Social and Labour Plan commitments. While Lonmin is in the process of aligning its sustainable development agenda with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), many of our activities aim to address the issues underlying these goals. Sustainability considerations are incorporated into Lonmin’s Life of Business Plan, which spans in excess of 40 years, (excluding any future planned shafts) and details operational plans to mine and process the Company’s mineral resources.

The Lonmin Charter
1 See download manager for the 15 Lonmin Sustainable Development Standards.