Environmental, social and governance key performance statistics

1 Women employed in mining represent those employed in core mining operations.
2 Women employed at the mine represent all women employed at our operations.
3 Injuries per million hours worked.
1 In the 2013 Sustainable Development Report incorrectly referred to kilotonnes CO2e/PGMoz; the measurement unit which aligns to the units reflected is tCO2e/PGMoz.
2 In the 2013 Sustainable Development Report incorrectly referred to tonnes; the measurement unit which aligns to the units reflected is kilotonnes.

Safety and Sustainable Development Policy

Lonmin Charter

We are Lonmin, a primary producer of Platinum Group Metals. We create value by the discovery, acquisition, development and marketing of minerals and metals.

We respect the communities and nations that host our operations and conduct business in a sustainable, socially and environmentally responsible way.


To grow and build our portfolio of high quality assets

To deliver the requirements of the South African Broad-based Socio-economic Economic Charter and we welcome the opportunity to transform our business

To build a values-based culture, which is founded on safe work, continuous improvement, common standards and procedures, community involvement and one that rewards employees for high performance.

We are successful when

  • our employees live and work safely and experience the personal satisfaction that comes with high performance and recognition;
  • our shareholders are realising a superior total return on their investment and support our corporate sustainability values;
  • the communities in which we operate value our relationships; and
  • we are meeting our commitments to all business partners and our suppliers, contractors, partners and customers support our Charter.

Our values

  • Zero Harm – We are committed to Zero Harm to people and the environment.
  • Integrity, honesty and trust – We are committed ethical people who do what we say we will do.
  • Transparency – Open, honest communication and free sharing of information.
  • Respect for each other – Embracing our diversity enriched by openness, sharing, trust, teamwork and involvement.
  • High performance – Stretching our individual and team capabilities to achieve innovative and superior outcomes.
  • Employee self-worth – To enhance the quality of life for our employees and their families.

Brian Beamish

Ben Magara
Chief Executive Officer