Key sustainability performance data

MeasurementGroup 2009Group 2010Group 2011Group 2012Group
PGMs producedPGM oz 1,244,709 1,314,772 1,446,662 1,349,802 1,336,109
Financial capital      
Net cash generated      
Customers, consumers and investment income     
Cash received for productsUS$ million1,1381,4422,2261,6631,529
Cash return on investmentUS$ million33341
Cash payments for materials and services purchasedUS$ million(486)(473)(641)(690)(443)
Cost of borrowingsUS$ million(34)(44)(39)(31)(43)
Net cash flowsUS$ million6219281,5499461,053
Cash distributed      
Human capital (salaries and benefits)US$ million501659796755742
Social capitalUS$ million6.28.78.810.07.9
Government taxesUS$ million5636403037
Directors' remunerationUS$ million76743
Shareholders' distributionUS$ million1863031
Cash retained for growthUS$ million51218667116263
Net cash distributedUS$ million6219281,5499461,053
Human and social capital      
HDSAs, including white women, employed in management on a permanent basisPercentage41.343.346.549.447.2RA
Women employed in core mining positionsPercentage2.93.224.335.115.09RA
Women employed at our operationsPercentage6.87.047.458.158.00RA
Employee turnover ratePercentage23.36.610.576.176.1
Employees, contractors and community members trained in ABETNumber1,1397936031942954LA
Occupational health and safety: employees and contractors    
New NIHL cases diagnosed – employeesNumber4540354248RA
NIHL cases compensated – employeesNumber4528173336RA
Tuberculosis cases diagnosed and treatedNumber472528545527446LA
HIV/Aids related deathsNumber1108813910499
VCT conductedNumber4,68039,006431,666446,945417,682
Patients on ARTNumber9621,3492,0222,5103,288
Patients on the wellness programmeNumber518498526657690
Rand value spent on approved SLP projectsRand28,768,00028,175,00037,980,95539,743,935 38,661,2255RA
Natural capital      
Fresh water consumption8,885,3608,005,0927,912,5958,667,8968,284,039RA
Fresh water efficiencym³/PGM oz7.146.095.476.426.20
Electricity efficiencyMWh/PGM oz1.
Energy efficiency6GJ/PGM oz5.314.734.524.775.04
Greenhouse gas emissionskt CO2e1,5951,5341,6481,5721,646RA
Greenhouse gas efficiencykt CO2e/PGM oz1.
Tailings disposed to tailings facilitieskt 11,478711, 03811, 82010,66611,661
Waste rock disposed to rock dumpskt1,3431,6021,7721,482996
Hazardous waste disposed to landfill and incineration t55,90650,56272,05277,82671.336
General waste disposed to landfill t7,1999,5959,74410,2719,577LA
Average sulphur dioxide emissions t/d11.114.110.588.5 11.9LA
  1. 1 After audits conducted on ABET for our SLP reporting, we identified that the ABET figure in our 2011 Sustainable Development Report was incorrectly reported as 601. The correct figure is 603.
  2. 2 Injuries per million hours worked.
  3. 3 In 2010, we improved the data capturing of hours worked at our operations, the denominator used for calculating LTIFR. As a result the LTIFR in prior years may have been overstated, but we believe the difference is not material. It is not possible to restate the previous data.
  4. 4 These figures include VCT offered to employees daily (average of 2,000 tests a month) and through the wellness campaign and does not exclude those employees tested twice.
  5. 5 This figure reflects expenditure on approved SLP projects for WPL and EPL.
  6. 6 Efficiency calculations do not yet take Scope 3 emissions into account.
  7. 7 This figure was incorrectly reported in 2009 as 17,068kt.