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Sustainable Development Report for the year ended 30 September 2013

Sustainable Development Report for the year ended 30 September 2013 add | open
Our performance add | open
Highlights add | open
Key sustainability performance data add | open
Performance against targets add | open
Our context add | open
Corporate profile add | open
Forging our path of fundamental change add | open
Lonmin Renewal Plan add | open
Targeting our priorities: 2013 Board Initiatives add | open
Reading this report add | open
Report scope and boundary add | open
Feedback from the review panel add | open
KPMG assurance statement add | open
Table of assured data add | open
Reporting in line with GRI add | open
Glossary add | open
Our approach add | open
Our approach to sustainable development add | open
Letter from the Chief Executive Officer add | open
Letter from the Chairman of the Safety & Sustainability Committee add | open
Thank you to Ian Farmer add | open
Stakeholder engagement add | open
Managing risk add | open
Upholding ethical business practices add | open
Ensuring sustainability through governance and leadership add | open
Membership of external organisations and initiatives add | open
Board Initiatives add | open
Board Initiative 1: Employee relations add | open
Board Initiative 2: Empowering our employees and communities add | open
Board Initiative 3: Migrant and local labour add | open
Board Initiative 4: Use of invested capital and infrastructure add | open
Board Initiative 5: Housing and accommodation add | open
Case study: After Marikana: Beacons of change add | open
Case study: Improving productivity at Rowland – Applying the theory of constraints add | open
Case study: Sixteen Eight Memorial Trust add | open
Case study: Measuring the extent of Lonmin’s economic footprint add | open
Human and social capital add | open
Employees and contractors add | open
Employee development and talent management add | open
Lonmin and human rights add | open
Safety at work add | open
Health and wellbeing add | open
Community upliftment add | open
Case study: Health awareness for GLC youth add | open
Case study: Diesel particulate matter add | open
Case study: Participation and communication the basis of successful peer education add | open
Case study: Physiotherapy a successful tool in helping TB patients back to work add | open
Case study: Food for the future: Lonmin’s community food gardens add | open
Case study: Mandela Day: Taking action, inspiring change add | open
Case study: The Phatsima Project: Looking for stars in the GLC add | open
Case study: Black umbrellas nurture small businesses add | open
Case study: Threading portable skills into our communities add | open
Financial capital add | open
Creating and distributing value add | open
Empowerment through preferential procurement add | open
Empowerment through ownership add | open
Product responsibility add | open
Our products and their markets add | open
Case study: Lonmin Design Innovation Award 2013 add | open
Natural capital add | open
Context and approach add | open
Environmental auditing and incident management add | open
Climate change add | open
Energy efficiency and demand management add | open
Air quality management add | open
Land, biodiversity and heritage management add | open
Responsible materials consumption add | open
Managing our water resources add | open
Waste management add | open
Case study: Have you looked after your Marula tree today? add | open
Case study: Reburial of iron age skeletal remains in Wonderkop add | open
Case study: Energising the Grace Care Centre add | open

Sustainable Development Summary Report for the year ending 30 September 2013

Sustainable Development Summary Report for the year ending 30 September 2013 add | open

Community report 2013

Community report 2013 add | open