Health awareness for GLC youth

Health awareness for GLC youth

Our Community Health Programme continued during the year, strengthening the foundations built in the past. An example of this programme’s initiatives is our Health Promotion Programme, a primary healthcare intervention in schools, aimed at improving the health of young people in the GLC.

In 2012 it had become evident that more focus was needed on youth health, particularly teenage pregnancy, substance abuse and HIV/Aids.

Lonmin has identified the geographical areas in which these problems are critical, and will focus special attention at the schools in these locations.

Interventions take place in the form of educational workshops, involving Lonmin medical services, to educate pupils on the issues surrounding teen pregnancy. These workshops will also serve to guide our strategy going forward. Workshops will be undertaken in schools across the GLC in 2013/2014, and will be aimed both at male and at female students throughout high school. In hopes of pre-empting the problem, we will also have special workshops for Grade 6 and Grade 7 pupils.