The Phatsima Project: Looking for stars in the GLC

The Phatsima Project was launched last year and is an exciting campaign aimed at discovering young sports talent and artists.

Through this project we offer training and access to contracts or equipment, which we hope will be instrumental in launching the careers of young performers and sports stars. We organised a number of Phatsima outings throughout the year, which included such highlights as taking some young DJs to a workshop at YFM and holding dance classes at Dance Junxion in Rosebank with some of our dancers. For the athletes of the Greater Lonmin Community (GLC), we hosted netball and rugby tournaments in the schools.

Other activities included a workshop with the Phatsima Lonmin Singers, where they received vocal training, and guidance on the technical understanding of what it takes to reach the top, as well as a day out at the National School of Arts to celebrate art, drama, dance and music with the Phatsima participants.

We are proud to have the full support of government for this initiative, through the Mmabana Foundation, North West Department of Sports, Arts and Culture, and their ongoing offers to supply professionals from the industry to train and assist singers and dancers.

For more, see the Phatsima Lonmin Facebook page,