We are committed to a process of fundamental
change to rebuild trust with all our stakeholders. Read the letter from Lonmin's new
Chief Executive Officer, Ben Magara


3.50 2012: 4.16

Collective bargaining

New majority union AMCU agreement signed August 2013

16/08 Memorial Trust Fund

R6 million held in newly established trust

Waste removal

26,500 households reached in the Greater Lonmin Community

SLP projects

R38.7 million spent on WPL and EPL SLP projects


50 hectares donated for housing

Total cost of ownership

R85 million saved


R77.1 million paid to the Bapo Community

Preferential procurement

R4 billion spent with BEE suppliers

Locally-based procurement

R337 million spent with GLC supplier


1.34 million PGM oz 2012: 1.35 million PGM oz

Capital expenditure

R1.5 billion 2012: R3.3 billion

Water management

31 million m³ process water recycled

Carbon footprint

1,646kt CO2e 2012: 1,572kt CO2e

SO2 emissions

11.9t/d against 17.9t/d licence limit


58% general waste recycled

Energy efficiency

5.04 TJ/PGM oz 2012: 4.77 TJ/PGM oz


3,288 employees with a default rate of 2%

Case study showcase